Your Word Against Mine – Refresh Part 1

Sunday 3rd Feb 2019 – Friday 15th Feb

Now that the Company Accounts are finally off to my accountant, I’ve been able to focus on getting Your Word Against Mine, my word game, to a fit state to be released again.

Having to work for clients to keep up an income stream curtails the amount of time I can spend on development and there is a lot to do.

I looked at the recent playing figures and decided that it was safe to consider a release to test with only the infinity game enabled. This will allow me to hone the graphics and feel of the game without having to worry about the complexities of multiplayer and having to deal with any arising defects in different areas of the game. etc. I like to try and keep the number of moving pieces to a minimum.

The greatest pain in developing Android apps in my opinion is the layout system. This is what makes game engines like Godot so attractive as it uses back to old school graphics calculations. I really hate the Android layout system as it really is not clear what you have done wrong sometimes and it is the biggest burner for time for me, getting the app to render nicely across a number of devices.

On my current system I can only run 2 or three AVDs at a time as they are quite resource intensive. As a result, if I focus on one particular area of graphics, it is easy to forget to regularly run the app across all the AVDs I have configured to use various resolutions, sizes and screen densities.

I’ve been simplifying the graphics as well, trying to make them more appealing and less dated looking. The dreadful score flashing animation I used has been removed and replaced with a more gentle fade out and in animation to draw the player’s eye to their score when it is updated.

I’m going to keep the dark theme though as it is nice and high contrast for those with poor eyesight and Daltonism (colour blindness) as well as being kinder on the device’s battery.