Picture of Cowbell at number one on Google Play

I’ve been very glad to see the back of 2018 for a number of reasons. 2019 I am hoping will be much better. It is difficult to see how it could be any worse. With a positive attitude, I’ve started to enumerate every project idea that I’ve had. I want to get at least a brief description down of what it would entail and to have this accessible as a single point of truth I can reference when expanding on an idea. Then I can consider taking it through inception or decide that time and effort cannot be spent on it and it must lie dormant, conceived on paper only.

I am continuing to freelance for clients as I need a steady income stream. This massively curtails my development time, but it is the only sensible low risk strategy to adopt. I keep reminding myself that I only need to get lucky once and achieve orbit on the back of that project whatever it might be, breaking free and allowing me to focus on bringing the next project to fruition and so on.

The trouble is, I have no idea which project will bear that fruit or how long it will take, hence the rapid round robin enumeration of my ideas and assessing the benefits and pitfalls of maintaining, attempting to grow or consider retiral of the apps which I have worked so hard to bring to market to date.

Cowbell is the only one which is still out on Google Play. I have not had the time to smarten up the other apps and bring them back online. This is a slow task. One big boost recently has been the fact that Cowbell has sat at number one on Google Play for the search keyword “Cowbell” for a number of weeks now. It was always hovering around second or third, but I am very pleased to see it has made that difficult to attain first position on Google Play.

My retention figures for Cowbell continue to draw my attention. I’m not sure I can really do anything about that and though I find it difficult, I’m trying to let it go. I need to concentrate on the other yet to be born projects that might contain the one I need to get into that conceptual stable orbit I seek. So here’s to a productive 2019. Let’s see where it takes us.