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Solution for disappearing mesh in Godot

I am now using shaders in Godot to model the early version sails in Square Rigger. I noticed that when rendering the main scene, the mesh disappears when viewed from behind. According to this is because back facing polygons are culled. Add [...]

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Sails using shaders in Godot

I've abandoned using SoftBody in Godot to model my initial proof of concept sails in Square Rigger. Now I'll be modelling them using shaders. This is new territory for me and in addition, I'm terrible at maths. I'm also starting to get a development workflow going and have discovered how to disable lights in isolated [...]

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First steps in ceramics

I was very lucky to have gone to school in Oban, on the West Coast of Scotland. Oban High School was very well equipped in the early 1980s and had an excellent art department and some wonderful art teachers. They were all so very encouraging and I really enjoyed the subject, despite not being particularly [...]

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