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Travelling Santa Problem

Travelling Santa Problem has now been released on Google Play.

Download it from here.

Guide Santa’s reindeer and sleigh through the night in this challenging Christmas game of dexterity and skill. Deliver Christmas presents to all of the houses in countries around the world from Christmas Island to Hawaii. Deliver one present to the waiting children in each home on each of the 38 real world location levels then return to the Christmas time portal to go to the next level.

Santa’s reindeer fly using clean energy derived from carrots. Be careful not to run out of this energy by using the joy pad to track the reindeer around the sky on the best and most efficient present delivery route. Use the mass of the sleigh to slide the back end of the sleigh out and drift it over the houses to make your track even more efficient.

Any unused energy is carried over to the next level. It is possible to complete each level in its own right and your progress will be saved on your device.

All of the 38 Travelling Santa Problem levels have been redesigned for 2017. They start at Kiritimati (Christmas Island) and work Westwards including, Auckland & Wellington, Sydney & Brisbane, Tokyo, Seoul, Helsinki, Athens, Warsaw, Stockholm, Berlin, Venice, Oslo, Antwerp, Paris, London, Orkney & Shetland, Glasgow, Oban, Dublin, Madrid, Reykjavik, Cape Verde, Rio de Janeiro, Nuuk in Greenland, St John’s, Dartmouth in Halifax, New York, Montreal, Chicago, Mexico City, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Anchorage

and finishing up at Honolulu in Hawaii.

Travelling Santa Problem now features a new physics model making the flying reindeer and magic sleigh handle more realistically (if such a thing is possible). Maybe Santa’s reindeer and sleigh will turn up on NORAD’s tracker!

Travelling Santa Problem is advert supported so we can fund our development. The adverts can be removed very cheaply by buying a licence in the game.

Please feel free to feed back any problems that you encounter and we’ll fix them as soon as we can. Many thanks, we hope you enjoy the game and hope you have a very pleasant Christmas and New Year.

Author: celticintuition

Celtic Intuition have been producing quality software systems for over 20 years. Lead developer Ian Clayton has over thirty years experience across both the public and private sectors.

In 2015 Celtic Intuition narrowed its focus to concentrate solely on producing Android mobile apps.

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