Celtic Intuition have been successfully developing software applications for over twenty years. Founded in 1994, Celtic Intuition has provided software development services to clients in both the private and public sectors up until 2015 when the company moved into developing Android mobile apps.

What Have we Done?

Celtic Intuition’s previous clients & history

  • EMC – Centera 1.0 Content Addressed Storage API and backend automated testing – now EMC Atmos
  • Sony – Aibo (the robot dog) – Automated embedded testing of its whole IP stack
  • Mercury Communications – Automated Call Detail Collection
  • Nokia – The Synfonet family of SDH products multiplexor development & automated testing
  • Alcatel – SONET migration analysis and work on their MPSR switch
  • Scommag Systems – Hunterston B Irradiated Fuel Dismantling System (IFD2) – Expert monitoring system
  • HMRC – B2G Bulk VAT Returns, NCTS Tariff System, ETL procurement
  • IPL – SOFTEST, CANTATA, Kent Police & Ambulance work
  • DOPRA Systems –¬†Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service
  • Fame Computers – Gemini Comms development and testing
  • NatWest Life Assurance –¬†Gemini Comms Integration
  • Bank of America – Pnl/Exotics Overnight processing monitoring system (TRAPS)
  • London Clearing House – CMM compliance & Quality assurance
  • Royal Bank of Canada – Build & Deployment Environment monitoring and automation
  • ICC Business Information – Juniper – Automated testing
  • Reuters – PL/SQL development
  • British Telecom – Service Provider Portal – PL/SQL development & automated testing